Tiny Voyages Of Discovery - A4 Hardback (with four additional bookplates)

Tiny Voyages Of Discovery - A4 Hardback (with four additional bookplates)


A4 hardback copy of ‘Tiny Voyages Of Discovery’, an illustrated book that explores the waterlife from the beck behind Sir John Barrow Cottage out to the Irish Sea created in 2018 in collaboration with Artspace. This also includes four additional bookplates featuring images from the book.

Review of Tiny Voyages Of Discovery from Ulverston now:

‘‘Unique’ is an overused word, yet this individual work is like no other recently published local book. Although it is described as ‘An exploration of the stories and wildlife from Sir John Barrow cottage to the Irish Sea’, it is far from being a dry guide book. Talented artist Ellie Chaney has over time closely observed wildlife in Dragley Beck, and produced striking illustrations of some its fauna, from microscopic protozoa to the grey heron. However, this is more than a collection of artwork, since Ellie brings together different historical and current strands to create a satisfying whole. While Sir John Barrow sent expeditions to the far ends of the earth, she demonstrates that there is still so much to explore and discover on a smaller scale closer to home. Similarly, just as the vast frozen polar expanses probed by Sir John Barrow’s explorers are threatened now by climate change, she warns how much of the wildlife in our own little ecosystem is put at risk by our activities, from dredging to using insecticides. She was also inspired by the often overlooked life of Sir John Barrow’s wife, Anna Maria nee Truter, born in South Africa and a painter of landscapes and flowers, and by the botanic illustrator Anna Atkins, born in 1799. Anna Atkins, regarded as the earliest woman photographer, used cyanotype images to illustrate a monumental ‘Manual of British Algae’. Cyanotype images are always blue, and this has informed the beautiful artwork of a book which deserves a nationwide audience.’ Ulverston Now, Feb 2018

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