Creating images of the natural world using illustration and papercutting, inspired by natural history, ecology and a large collection of antiquarian books.


Hello, my name is Eleanor Chaney and Iā€™m an artist who creates illustrations and papercuts of the natural world. For me, the creative process is a way to study and learn about these creatures, while also addresing the fact that many species are now in decline and at risk. I am particularly interested in invertebrates, especially freshwater and marine life in the UK. However, I am also interested in researching insects, bird life and native British mammals and wildflowers.

I am also an artist educator, and have worked with people of all ages facilitating workshops where people can explore themes of ecology and conservation while developing their own creativity.

A little more about me

I was born in Cambridge, but I now live in a small town on the outskirts of the beautiful Lake District in England. I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London before going on to complete an MA in Art as Environment at Manchester Metropolitan University. Throughout this time I worked as a freelance artist and creative workshop facilitator focusing on visual storytelling with 5 ā€“ 11 year olds, and I am now a trained teacher who specialises in teaching art and design to people over 16. As an illustrator I have been commissioned to create images both for small businesses and within the community arts sector. I have also worked as an animator for theatre and for educational charities.

More on my work

The difficult subject of the impact of human life on the natural world can be overwhelming and off-putting for many people. Therefore my work currently focuses on illustrating the 'narratives' of individual species loss or adaptation - predominately invertebrates - as microcosmic representations of the major impact that changes in the environment, loss of habitat and increases in pollution are having on the natural environment as a whole. These are then linked to the wider ecosystem and over-arching concept as self-contained project taking the form of an illustrated series or publication as a book.